Hillsong United – With Hearts As One (2008)

CD 1
Time Has Come (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
One Way (Tokyo, Japan)
What The World Will Never Take (Amsterdam, Holland)
‘Till I see you (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Take All Of Me (Lisbon, Portugal+Paris, France)
The Stand (Shanghai, China + Vancouver, Canada)
You’ll Come (Sydney, Australia)
Break Free (Oslo, Norway)
Look To You (Johannesburg, South Africa)
Where The Love Lasts Forever (Kiev, Ukraine)
Forever (Seoul, Korea)
There Is Nothing Like (London, England)
Tell The World (Jakarta, Indonesia)
All Day (Mexico City, Mexico)

CD 2
Take It All (Manila, Philippines)
My Future Decided (Memphis, USA)
All I Need Is You (Cape Town, South Africa)
Mighty to Save (Orlando, USA)
Nothing But The Blood (New Jersey, USA)
Hosanna (Berlin, Germany)
Fuego De Dios (Fire Fall Down)(Asuncion, Paraguay)
Shout Unto God (Buenos Aires, Argentina+Copenhagen, Denmark)
Salvation Is Here (Budapest, Hungary)
Love Enough (Sydney, Australia)
More Than Life (Orlando, USA)
None But Jesus (Toronto, Canada + Buenos Aires, Argentina)
From The Inside Out (Rio De Janiero, Brazil)
Came to My Rescue (Be Lifted High)(Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Saviour King (Vasteras, Sweden)
Solution (Los Angeles, USA)

Hillsong United – United We Stand Tour Atlanta (2006)

01 Salvation Is Here
02 One Way
03 What The World Will Never Take
04 Look To You
05 All I Need Is You
06 Till I See You
07 Take All of Me
08 From The Inside Out
09 Came To Rescue [Chorus]
10 Shout Unto God
11 Pastor Phill Dooley Ministration
12 Shout Unto God [Reprise]
13 Take It All
14 The Stand
15 There Is Nothing Like
16 Selah
17 Hallelujah
18 Tell The World
19 All Day [Outro]

Hillsong United – Everyday (2000)

O primeiro álbum dos Hillsong United.

The first Hills United album.

1 Everyday
2 Jesus I Long
3 On The Lord’s Day
4 More
5 Heaven
6 Seeking You
7 You Take Me Higher
8 Hear Our Prayer
9 Prayer To The King
10 God Is Moving

United – All Of The Above (2007)

01 Point Of Difference
02 Break Free
03 Desperate People
04 Devotion
05 Draw Me Closer
06 Lead Me To The Cross
07 Found
08 Hosanna
09 For All Who Are To Come
10 Solution
11 My Future Decided
12 Never Let Me Go
13 You
14 Saviour King

Hillsong United – Unidos Permanecemos (2006)

Es Tiempo
Su Hijo Dio
Desde Mi Interior
Me Viniste A Rescatar
Solo Cristo
Fuego De Dios
Venga Tu Reino
Nadie Hay Como Tu
Aqui Estoy
[Selah 2]