Third Day – Live Revelations – DVDRip (2009)

1. Run to You (Atlanta, GA)
2. This is Who I Am (Raleigh, NC)
3. Slow Down (Nashville, TN)
4. I Will Always Be True (Atlanta, GA)
5. Cry Out to Jesus (Houston, TX)
6. Call My Name (Nashville, TN)
7. Otherside (featuring Robert Randolph, Atlanta, GA)
8. When Love Comes to Town (with Robert Randolph, Jars of Clay, and Switchfoot, Atlanta, GA)
9. Revelation/Honeysuckle Blue (Atlanta, GA)


Third Day – Chronology Volume Two (2007)

18 músicas, algumas regravadas para este album, outras foram gravadas ao vivo na digressão “Wherever You Are”. Este cd é mais que bom. É “obrigatório”.

18 songs, some re-recorded for this album, and some were recorded live on “Wherever You Are” tour. This is more than great. A must!!! Timeline: 2001-2006

1. Come On Back To Me
2. Show Me Your Glory
3. You Are So Good To Me (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) New Recording
4. RockStar
5. Mountain Of God
6. Sing A Song
7. Come Together
8. God Of Wonders (Live In Philadelphia, PA 2002)
9. Cry Out To Jesus (Live In Mobile, AL 2006) New Recording
10. Creed (Live In Portland, ME 2002)
11. Tunnel
12. I Believe
13. Nothing Compares
14. Blessed Assurance (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) New Recording
15. Movin’ On Up (From The Second Chance Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
16. I See Love (From Passion Of The Christ Songs)
17. I Can Feel It (Live In Atlanta, GA 2006) New Recording
18. Carry Me Home (From Rare 2001 EP)

Third Day – Long Time Forgotten (1993)

Dá para acreditar que são os Third Day? O primeiro registo deles (só fizeram 500 cassetes). O som não está perfeito mas não deixa de ser interessante.

Can you believe that this is Third Day? The very first record from then (500 tapes only). The sound is not the better but is interesting….

1. Praise Song, Op. 1
2. Livin’ For Jesus
3. Jesus Said So
4. Forgotten Friend
5. Heaven
6. Deny The Truth
7. Did Ya’ Mean It
8. For Such A Long Time
9. Praise Song (Reprise)

Third Day – Chronology Volume One (2007)

Este CD é obrigatório. Simplesmente delicioso. Algumas das melhores músicas dos Third Day foram novamente gravadas com novos arranjos para este CD. Mais uma vez, é bom demais para perder.

A must have album. This is just delicious. Some os the best songs of Third Day was
recorded in fresh versions for this Album. Once again, It´s too good… You can´t miss this.

1. Nothing At All (new mix)
2. Forever (new mix)
3. Consuming Fire (new mix)
4. Thief 2006 (new recording)
5. Love Song (new mix)
6. Who I Am (new mix)
7. My Hope Is You 2006 (new recording)
8. I’ve Always Loved You
9. Sky Falls Down
10. Your Love Oh Lord
11. King Of Glory
12. Agnus Dei / Worthy
13. Bonus Track: Blackbird (live in St. Louis, Missouri 1998)
14. Bonus Track: Alien (live in Columbus, Ohio 1999)
15. Bonus Track: Have Mercy (new mix)
16. Bonus Track: Long Time Comin’
17. Bonus Track: She Sings In Riddles (from rare 1999 EP)