Point Of Grace – Turn Up the Music – The Hits of Point of Grace (2011)

01. Day By Day
02. Circle of Friends
03. How You Live (Turn Up The Music) – Acoustic
04. Blue Skies
05. The Great Divide
06. I Wish
07. Come To Jesus
08. Jesus Will Still Be There
09. Who Am I
10. I Choose You
11. God Is With Us
12. King Of The World
13. Love & Laundry
14. There Is Nothing Greater Than Grace
15. Hole In The World (NEW Recording)

Point Of Grace – How You Live (2007)

“O projecto mais relevante até ao momento (2007), com letras profundas sobre temas importantes tais como viver cada dia na sua plenitude, ter relacionamentos honestos e amarmo-nos a nós a aos outros.” (Word records)

“The most relevant project to date (2007) and contains deep lyrical content with accessible themes such as living each day to the fullest, honest takes on relationship at all levels and dealing with loving yourself and others.” (Word records)

1. All The World
2. Fearless Heart
3. How You Live (Turn Up The Music)
4. Any Way
5. He Believes In You
6. You Are Good
7. Fight
8. On God’s Green Earth
9. Heal The Wound
10. Broken Thing
11. Because You Are
12. Before The Throne Of Grace

Point Of Grace – Free To Fly (2001)

“Com lindas vozes, letras positivas e uma produção superior, Free To Fly demosntra as capacidades vocais e musicais das Point Of Grace, e celebra o triunfo de Jesus Cristo”

“With beautiful vocals, positive lyrics, and superior production, Free To Fly exhibits the broad vocal and musical capabilities of Point Of Grace, and celebrates the triumph of Jesus Christ.”

1 By Heart
2 You Will Never Walk Alone
3 He Sends His Love
4 Praise Forevermore
5 Blue Skies
6 Begin With Me
7 Free Indeed
8 All That I Need
9 Something So Good
10 Yes, I Believe
11 La La La