Plumb – Blink (2007)

Blink é sem dúvida o album mais diferente de todos os 4 que ela lançou anteriormente. Neste trabalho ela revela o seu lado mais calmo mas também bastante surpreendente. Todas as canções foram escritas a pensar nos mais pequenos.

Blink is by far the softest side of Plumb revealed to date and also her most uplifting release. The artist’s fifth release since her self-titled debut a decade ago, Plumb offers a unique project of ten lullabies inspired by and written for her little ones.

1. My Sweet, My Lovely
2. God Will Take Care of You
3. In My Arms
4. Always
5. Children of the Heavenly Father
6. Blink
7. My Child
8. Me
9. Sleep (New Version)
10. Solomon’s Song