Plankeye – Spark (1996)

É difícil encontrar algum apaixonado por rock cristão que não goste dos Plankeye. Uma boa fusão entre as guitarras e a letra.

Hard to find a christian rock lover that doesn´t like Plankeye. Good fusion between guitars and lyrics.

1. It’s A Perfect Day Jerome
2. Open House
3. Three Fold Chord
4. Drive
5. Boy
6. Tonight
7. Wings To Fly
8. Let Me Go
9. Questions
10. Dichotomy
11. So Far From Home

Plankeye – Commonwealth (1996)

Uma banda que conseguiu conquistar fans inclusivé entre os descrentes. O seu rock simples mas muito puro mistura-se com letras muito boas.

A band that has earn a big respect even between non-believers. Their simple but very clean rock fits with good lyrics.

1. Whisper To Me
2. B.C.
3. Push Me Down (Veiled)
4. Struck By The Chord
5. Placement
6. Commonwealth
7. He
8. Bicycle
9. Beautiful
10. Who Loves You More?