Oslo Gospel Choir – We Lift Our Hands II (2006)

1. You are Holy
2. Shout to the Lord
3. Breathe
4. Ancient of Days
5. God will make a Way
6. Power of Your Love
7. I give You my Heart
8. Come let Us Sing
9. Joy to my Soul
10. Never let me Go
11. This is the Lords Doing
12. Bless the Lord
13. Shine Your Light

Oslo Gospel Choir – We Lift Our Hands (2005)

1. Bless the Lord
2. Father
3. We Lift Our Hands
4. Come, Now it is Time to Worship
5. Herer I am to Worship
6. I Surrender All
7. Open the Eyes of My Heart
8. Sweetest Name I Know
9. Holy is the Lamb
10. Draw Me Close
11. Holy Spirit I Thirst for You
12. Forever
13. In Your Arms

Oslo Gospel Choir – Reaching Heaven (1999)

01 Glory to God Almighty
02 Celebrate
03 Reaching Heaven
04 Come Let Us Sing
05 Holy, Holy, Holy
06 We Give Praise
07 Prayer for the City
08 The Day You Set Me Free
09 There Is No Other Name
10 Shine Your Light

Oslo Gospel Choir – Live (1990)

Never gonna loose my way
Oh. It is Jesus
Bridge over troubled water
Pie Jesu
Shine your light
I wanna be ready
We are not ashamed
Shower the people
What child is this?
He’s waiting
My tribute