Mia Fieldes – There’s A Reason (2007)

Uma das vozes (bonitas) dos Hillsong, Mia Fields apresenta-nos grandes canções com várias participações especiais.
One of the (wonderful) voices of Hillsong, Mia Fields give us very good songs.

01. What Else Can I Say
02. There’s A Reason (Featuring Danielle Guglielmucci and Annie Garratt)
03. Christ Divine (Featuring Jared Anderson)
04. Sovereign Hands
05. All Deserving
06. Trust In You (Featuring Jill McCloughry)
07. Saviour King (Featuring Ben Fielding)
08. One Thing
09. Lifter Of My Head (Featuring Paul Andrew)
10. Could It Be
11. Your Love Has Saved Us
12. Always (Featuring Jad Gillies)