Matt Redman – 10,000 Reasons (2011)

01. We Are the Free
02. Here for You
03. Holy
04. 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)
05. Fires
06. Never Once
07. Where Would We Be
08. We Could Change the World
09. Magnificent
10. O This God
11. Endless Hallelujah
12. Never Once (radio version) [Bonus Track]
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Matt Redman – Ultimate Collection (2010)

1. You Never Let Go
2. Blessed Be Your Name
3. Once Again
4. Nothing But The Blood
5. Dancing Generation
6. Shine
7. The Heart Of Worship
8. Facedown
9. Let Everything That Has Breath
10. Lord Let Your Glory Fall
11. I Will Offer Up My Life
12. The Father’s Song
13. Yes And Amen

Matt Redman – The Heart of Worship (1999)

Temas lindos, alguns dos quais tornaram-se verdadeiros clássicos como é o caso da música que dá nome ao álbum, “Let Everything That Has Breath”, “I Am Yours” entre outras. Muito bom.

Beautiful songs, many of then became classics like the title song, “Let Everything That Has Breath”, “I Am Yours” between others. Very good.

1. Let Everything That Has Breath
2. One Thing Remains
3. What I Have Vowed
4. Intimacy
5. Hear The Music Of My Heart
6. When I Needed A Saviour
7. I Am Yours
8. The Heart Of Worship
9. Now To Live The Life
10. For The Cross
11. Hallelujah Song
12. The Prayers Of The Saints

Matt Redman – The Father’s Song (2000)

Mais uma vez a voz e a criatividade de Matt Redman trazem-nos canções intimas de louvor e adoração.

Once again beautiful intime songs of praise and worship in Matt Redman voice.

1 Take The World But Give Me Jesus
2 You Led Me To The Cross
3 King Of This Heart
4 The Fathers Song
5 O Sacred King
6 Revelation
7 Light Of The World
8 Holy Moment
9 Justice And Mercy
10 Nothing Is Too Much
11 Thank You For The Blood
12 You Must Be Increase
13 Let My Words Be Few

Matt Redman – Where Angels Fear To Tread (2002)

Extraordinário compositor e exelente cantor/músico, Matt leva-nos AQUELE lugar.

Amazing songwriter and a great singer/musician. Matt take us into THE place.

1 Amazing
2 Blessed Be Your Name
3 Befriended
4 When My Heart Runs Dry
5 Making Melody
6 Call To Worship
7 Rejoice With Trembling
8 The Promise Of Your Cross
9 Wonderful Maker
10 Lord Let Your Glory Fall
11 Where Angels Fear To Tread

Matt Redman – Beautiful News (2006)

1. Beautiful News
2. You Never Let Go
3. Shine
4. Take It To The Streets
5. Yes And Amen
6. A Greater Song
7. Blessing
8. Thank You For Healing Me
9. Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
10. All Over The World
11. When All Is Said And Done
12. If You Know You re Loved
13. Beautiful News Reprise
14. Blessed Be Your Name (Acoustic)

Matt Redman – Blessed Be Your Name (2005)

1. Blessed Be Your Name
2. Holy Moment
3. Once Again
4. The Heart Of Worship
5. Let My Words Be Few
6. Lord, Let Your Glory Fall
7. Undignified
8. Better Is One Day
9. Facedown
10. I Will Offer Up My Life
11. Let Everything That Has Breath
12. The Father’s Song