Lakewood Church – We Speak To Nations (2002)

Gravado ao vivo “We Speak to Nations” é liderado por Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff e Israel Houghton e com convidados (muito) especiais Alvin Slaughter e Marcos Witt. Conta ainda com o cora da Igreja Lakewood e orquestra. Uma linda noite de adoração.

Recorded live, We Speak To Nations features worship leaders Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff, Israel Houghton, special guests Alvin Slaughter and Marcos Witt, plus the Lakewood Church Choir and Orchestra. Great night of worship.

1 Highly Exalted
2 Better Than Life
3 All About You
4 You Are Good
5 We’ve Come To Worship You
6 Everything
7 Only In Your Presence
8 Show Me Your Glory
9 I Will Sing
10 I Will Return
11 Who Can Satisfy
12 Lift Your Voice And Sing
13 We Speak To Nations
14 Gloria

Lakewood Church – Cover The Earth (2003)

1 Cover The Earth
2 Sweeter
3 Friend Of God
4 Sing
5 Bless The Lord
6 Holy You Are
7 Hallelujah
8 Free For All
9 Sing Over Me
10 I’ll Never Stop Loving You
11 Glorify Your Name
12 There’s Just Something About That Name
13 O How I Love Jesus
14 He Lives