Danielson – Best of Gloucester County (2011)

01. Complimentary Dismemberment Insurance
02. This Day Is A Loaf
03. Grow Up
04. Lil Norge
05. But I Don’t Wanna Sing About Guitars
06. People’s Partay
07. Olympic Portions0
08. You Sleep Good Now
09. Hovering Above That Hill
10. Denominator Bluise
11. Hosanna In The Forest

Jars of Clay – Good Monsters (2006)

1. “Work” – 3:53
2. “Dead Man (Carry Me)” – 3:20
3. “All My Tears” (Julie Miller) – 3:45
4. “Even Angels Cry” – 4:22
5. “There Is a River” (Haseltine, Lowell, Mason, Odmark, Ron Aniello) – 3:51
6. “Good Monsters” – 4:05
7. “Oh My God” – 6:06
8. “Surprise” – 3:50
9. “Take Me Higher” (Haseltine, Lowell, Mason, Odmark, Aniello) – 4:40
10. “Mirrors & Smoke” – 3:58
11. “Light Gives Heat” – 4:42
12. “Water Under The Bridge” (Haseltine, Lowell, Mason, Odmark, Aniello) – 3:58

Jars Of Clay – Front Yard Luge (1999)

Front Yard Luge (1999), é um EP gravado ao vivo que acompanhava algumas encomendas on-line do álbum “If I Left The Zoo”, por isso não é muito fácil de encontrar fora do mundo virtual.

Front Yard Luge (1999), a live EP that accompanied certain online orders of “If I Left The Zoo” – so it´s a little difficult to find in non-virtual format.

01 Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows (Version 2)
02 No Matter What
03 The Coffee Song
04 Crazy Love
05 Liquid
06 God Only Knows
07 Swingtown

Glenn Kaiser – All My Days (1993)

Louvor e Adoração num acústico de guitarra. Já não está disponível para venda.

Accoustic guitar praise and worship. Not avaliable for sale anymore.

1.All My Days
2.You Are the Source
4.Ever Closer
6.In The Ocean of His Love
7.Most of All
8.Lord of All
9.Behold The Lamb of God
10.Reveal Yourself to Me
11.Blessed Are the People
12.Like a Little Child
13.Wedding Prayer
14.Here We Are Gathered
15.For Thee I Wait

Jars Of Clay – Live at House Of Blues (2000)

Um grande concerto com os quase todos os maiores sucessos dos Jars. Este é um duplo CD não oficial, o que o torna bastante raro mas vale bem a pena…

Great concert with almost all of the Jars Hits. This is a non official double CD, so it´s very rare, but very worthy…

Disco 1
1-01 Unforgetful You
1-02 Crazy Times
1-03 Grace
1-04 Five Candles (You Were There)
1-05 Love Song for a Savior
1-06 Worlds Apart
1-07 Hand
1-08 Boy on a String
1-09 Like a Child
1-10 No One Loves Me Like You
1-11 Sad Clown

Disco 2
2-01 Ain’t No Sunshine
2-02 Collide
2-03 Can’t Erase It
2-04 I’m Alright
2-05 Liquid
2-06 Flood
2-07 Needful Hands
2-08 Backstage Interview