Everyday Process – The Process Of Illumination (2007)

1.Intro (Straight To The Point)
2.Build Up
3.Resist The System
4.Give ‘Em The Gospel
6.All I Need – (with Keran/La’tia)
8.Bangin’ Defined (Interlude)
10.Holla At Me – (with Trip Lee)
11.Live It Up
12.After Party, The (Interlude)
13.After Party, The
14.As Real As It Gets
15.Hey Girl – (with J.R./Badia Jeter)
16.World Needs Jesus, The
17.Shine Bright
18.Illumination & Elimination (Interlude)
19.Everyday All Day Cypha – (with AMbassador/Flame/R-Swift/Phanatik/Lecrae)