Bebo Norman – Great Light of the World: The Best of Bebo Norman (2007)

01 I Will Lift My Eyes
02 Nothing Without You
03 Great Light of the World
04 Holy Is Your Name
05 Falling Down
06 Into the Day
07 The Hammer Holds
08 Tip of My Heart
09 Stand
10 Sometimes By Step

Bebo Norman – The Fabric of Verse (1999)

1. The Man Inside
2. Picture of Things
3. Walking Away
4. The Hammer Holds
5. Curtis Creek
6. A Page Is Turned
7. Wash Me Clean
8. Lake City
9. Somewhere Past the Quiet
10. Angel Fire
11. On the Divide

Bebo Norman – Between the Dreaming and the Coming True (2006)

Um trabalho maduro que nos fala sobre a fé e a integridade. Uma boa voz combinada com boas letras.

A very mature work that talks about the faith and integrity. A good voice that meet great lyrics.

1. Into The Day
2. Be My Covering
3. Time Takes Its Toll On Us
4. I Know Now
5. I Will Lift My Eyes
6. The Way We Mend
7. To Find My Way To You
8. Bring Me To Life
9. My Eyes Have Seen Holy
10. Sunday
11. Now That You’re Gone