Orla Fallon – Distant Shore (2009)

1. Who Knows?
2. Distant Shore
3. Dancing In The Moonlight
4. My Land
5. Shooting Star
6. Bean An Ti
7. Always There
8. Voices On The Wind
9. Simple Love
10. My Waking World
11. Eleanor Plunkett: Trip To Shanbally, Michael O’Dwyer’s
12. You’ll Never Be The Sun
13. Hard Times

CRD: Apenas Música

Rebecca St James – aLIVE in Florida Video DivX (2007)

O melhor concerto da Rebecca. Simplemente demasiado fabuloso para não ser visto.

The greatest concert of Rebecca. Just too wonderful to miss it. I love it.

Tamanho/Size: 561 Mb
Duração/Time: 1:21:46
Resolução/Resolution: 600 x 480
Qualidade/Quality: DivX 8,2/10

Concert integral / Full Concert

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Just download all files in the folder, extract and enjoy. No password.

Krystal Meyers – Krystal Meyers (2005)

O album de estreia de Krystal Meyers. Bem rock, com um som potente mas não agressivo.

The debut album of Krystal Meyers. Very rocky, non agressive but powerful sound.

01. The Way To Begin
02. My Savior
03. Fire
04. Fall To Pieces
05. Reflections Of You
06. Lovely Traces
07. Anticonformity
08. Rescue Me
09. Sing For Me
10. Can’t Stay