Abundant Life Church – Send Me (2007)

Com um som que lembrar os Hillsong. Muito bom.

With a sound that is very good and sometimes similar to the Hillsong. Great.

1. Take All The Glory
2. You Sent Your Own
3. I Surrender All
4. You Never Fail Me
5. Send Me
6. Name Above All Names
7. Messiah
8. Breathe In Me
9. Fire
10. To Know You
11. Reach To You
12. Closer

Ruth – Secondhand Dreaming (2007)

Rock alternativo muito marcante com um bom suporte vocal.

Very incisive alternative rock with very good supporting voice.

1. One Foot In, One Foot Out 3:56
2. Cross The Line 3:40
3. Secondhand Dreaming 3:28
4. Here To New York 3:28
5. Mr. Turner 4:09
6. Work It Out 4:13
7. Standing Still 2:52
8. Figure You Out 3:57
9. You Are 3:18
10. Love Me Like You Do 4:09
11. Always Yours 4:09
12. Well With Soul 4:45

Bebo Norman – Between the Dreaming and the Coming True (2006)

Um trabalho maduro que nos fala sobre a fé e a integridade. Uma boa voz combinada com boas letras.

A very mature work that talks about the faith and integrity. A good voice that meet great lyrics.

1. Into The Day
2. Be My Covering
3. Time Takes Its Toll On Us
4. I Know Now
5. I Will Lift My Eyes
6. The Way We Mend
7. To Find My Way To You
8. Bring Me To Life
9. My Eyes Have Seen Holy
10. Sunday
11. Now That You’re Gone

Tony Palacios – Epic tales of woah!! (1999)

O album a solo e intrumental do guitarrista dos “Guardian”. Ficou bonito.

The solo and instrumental album from the guitar man of “Guardian”. Nice one.

1. Swap Thing
2. she’s a lady
3. lame duck
4. big slam
5. first born
6. tom’s cat
7. upon the face of the waters
8. hip socket
9. late night
10. epic tales of whoa!
11. Sheba the wonder dog